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1.          If you are an open-minded person who can think practically, this article is for you. Please continue to read till the end.
2.          If you are a sentimental person who is living in own imaginary world, we recommend you not to proceed further. Content of this article may question your imaginations or sentiments.
3.          Author of this article is a Kannada Catholic Bharatian, who has been studying / observing each-and-everything that Vatican does in public and everything that happens behind the screen, for which mainstream media maintains slience.
4.     Author of this article is not associated with any political party (or entity), directly or indirectly.

After completely reading this article, you would be saying either
"Oh! This really opened my eyes and made me see this world more practically"
" 'This guy is just having evil spirit' or 'Author of this article is a demon (Just like Vatican calls anyone who questions about it's criminal activities)' "!

Let's begin...

              Assume you are a sanyasi (monk) who is seeking the God or moksha. Now, that being said, try to have your answers for few questions listed below.

1.      Would you want to be king of a country?
2.      Would you want to hold more-and-more wealth on this planet?
3.      Would you want to increase your influence over more-and-more people across the globe in any possible way (even by murdering innocent people whose thoughts conflict with yours)?
4.      Would you want to conduct direct or indirect wars on countries and communities just like any other king does/did in the history of mankind to expand the power?
5.      Would you say or behave, “Only I am right and only my ways are right. Everything & everyone else in this world are wrong”?
6.      Would you interfere in other people’s business unnecessarily just to keep your control?

              Note down your answers for above questions. Obviously, you would have answered “NO” to all (or most) of them.
              We consider monks to be good and trustworthy human beings who have control over their mind and are seeking God or Moksha. And we reject a monk if he is selfish or greedy of wealth and other materialistic world or lifestyle.
              If 'seeking the God or Moksha' is my only passion or meaning of living this life, i would not be greedy about money, power and other materialistc wealth of this world. What else can be so important to me than meditating, praying and living good?

              There are many self-proclaimed Godmen oustide Bharata who are "very much eager to spread their control than just seeking Moksha", which is very conflicting to "What they say they are" and "What they truly are".

              One of those foreign self-proclaimed Godmen is the Pope of Vatican. He is also the king/ruler of Vatican country and one of the wealthiest kings in the world who pictures himself as a monk.

              If a person called pope is really a monk (or Rushimuni) who simply preaches about good things (or about God), then why does he need royal life, king's power, wealth, luxury, control over other people? Most importantly, why/how does he commit crimes directly/indirectly when he himself preaches about living a good life? Throughout it's rule/history, Vatican has managed to silence all those who question it's authority. Doing so becomes easy for pope as he is an official king of a country and has huge deposit of wealth with him, which makes magic happen in his favour.

              Remember, pope gives public speaches on spirituality, freedom, simplicity, respect to others, love and peace. But in his actions, he is very much eager to spread his control over more and more people throughout the world. And for this very basic reason, Catholic Church is very well structured. And hierarchical management within Church gives Vatican complete control over "what an individual can do" and "what an individual cannot do".

              There is no religion in this world other than Catholicism, which stores it's followers each-and-every data in detail and uses it for analysis, for Vatican's power game. There are strict rules to register every events happening in one's personal life. If you are a Catholic, you must maintain a monthly/periodical payment of some amount as a charity to the Church. And if you do not pay that amount correctly, Vatican has a sentence from its own version of Bible (which will be updated time-to-time, based on changing mindset of mankind/human generations), which says something like "Give ten percent (10%) of your income to God". By using such sentences from it's own version of Bible, Vatican (or pope) indirectly claim it's agency in God's Kingdom. And i'm not sure if that percentage of amount ever changed with the changing world! If you miss to follow any of Vatican's rules or if you question pope's agency, Vatican has got all the sentences to scare you.
Remember those stories of human bodies burning alive in boiling oil, demons cutting the human bodies alive using jigsaw and etc.?!

              Now, they would definitely get some sentences from their own version of Bible, to picture me as a demon or evil spirit just because i question the control of Vatican over other countries. According to Vatican, i would be made to talk this way by satan and i will perish just because i questioned the self-proclaimed Godman of Vatican.

              "Preching good things to human" is always a good job. But when i preach good to others, i should stand by them myself. Otherwise, how can i claim my preaching as valid?!

To believe in God or to follow the words of Jesus, do we really need to be slaves of this foreign king?

  1. Can't our Bharatian people pray to Jesus without the control of this foreign king?
  2. Aren't our priests having enough knowledge to preach the words of Jesus to our children?
  3. Do our priests really need orders from a foreign Godman on "how to preach, what to preach, etc"?
  4. Jesus never says "bow down to the Godman of Vatican, only then you can accept me"!
  5. British Christians do not follow the orders from Vatican/pope. They follow their Archbishop of Canterbury!
  6. Russian Christians do not accept the control of pope. They follow their own system of Christianity!
  7. Greeks do not accept the control of pope. They follow their own system of Christianity!
  8. Not so far, but Vatican's immediate neighbours (in fact the mother of Vatican) - Italian people do not like unnecessary interventions of pope in their internal matters!
  9. Chinese Christians do not accept pope's agency!

Whole Bharatian community (irrespective of their religion) got independence in 1947 itself but why no independence to Catholics/Christians yet?!

  • We are yet to have our freedom!
  • We are dependents in an independent nation!
  • We do not have democracy even though we belong to a democratic country!
  • We choose our Prime Minister, Chief Ministers, etc. but we are ruled by a foreign king who will not be elected by us (well, Vatican would say, 'pope will be chosen by God' :-D )!

              We have smartest people in the whole planet and yet we live in slavery of a foreign Godman. This becomes very insulting to our own priests (Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals, Sisters, Mothers and Nuns). Our priests can very well preach the words of Jesus, without the control of foreign king. They have enough knowledge and experience of life of Jesus. They know about Jesus and they can independently teach our kids/people about Jesus.

              We, the Bharatian Christians are very honest and good followers of Jesus, because of which we kept silent for so long against the sins of Vatican. In fact, we donate a major chunk of wealth, which is held by this foreign king. This is because we produce the Christians equivalent to one Australia every year, even though we are just minority in our nation. Off course, we give it as charity. However, when there are crores of poor lives who are in desperate need of our help within our Bharatian Christian/Catholic community, how can we waste our help by pushing it overseas?!

First we send our donation/money to a foreign country.
Next we wait to receive some part of that money from foreign country.
Then we use that small portion to help our poor people!

              Instead of all that, we can directly utilise our donation to help poor lives in our own nation, which would save huge amount of time, effort, leakage and misuse of donated amount.
              Are you saying, "we should help other poor countries also"? Well, can we please clean our own house before sweeping other people's homes?! And once our house cleaning is done, we would definitely help any foreign society (just like the so called developed countries are doing now).

Leaving this matter of money to our Bharatian Christian priests/nuns, I proceed with my next point.

              Whenever asked about control of pope, we (Bharatian Catholics/Christians) respond only with sentiments (which comes in our Bharatian blood). Sometimes we say, "pope is the representative of God", "He is like father of all Christians in this world", "He is the guide to Jesus", etc.

              Keep aside all such sentimental clouds and think practically. Pope is just a king of a country called Vatican. Jesus never says "Only through king of Vatican, you can reach me". And... No, Pope did not introduce Jesus to this world. Jesus does not depend on any human being.

              Remember "how Mother Mary showed herself to the poor family of Harihara (Our Lady of Good Health - Harihara)" and "how Mother Mary made miracles in Velankanni"? In those cases, pope did not recommend specific family names to Mother Mary. And Mother Mary does not ask pope "Tell me, which one next?". You might have already known many such miracles which happened without pope being involved at all. Same way, if God wishes, he will do whatever he wants. No need of an agent between God and human.

Now, keeping this "open-minded-thinking" active, i will proceed to my next point.

              For a basic/simple example, assume that there occurs a situation where government of Bharata says, "Kashmir is an integral part of Bharata (which is a fact)".
However, pope gives an open statement saying "I hereby command/request all Catholics/Christians of this world to pray for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. They are in need of freedom. Let Christ give generosity to the governments of both Bharata and Pakistan to allow Kashmiris to live seperately. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ! (This is how Vatican always misuses the name of Jesus)".

In such a situation, whom do we support? Government of our nation or the king of a foreign country?

              Obviously, we support our nation against a foreign king. (If by chance you thought of supporting foreign king out of your emotions/sentiments, please keep in mind that ultimately God judges you by your works. Not by 'how obidient you lived to this foreign king/self-proclaimed Godman'.) This proves that we love our motherland more than foreign king who proclaimes himself as a Godman or agent of God.

              Bharata is an independent nation, which means that we are independents. However, at practical grounds, king of Vatican still rules us (Catholics). This becomes illegal as our nation/people must be governed only by democratically elected leaders as per the constitution of Bharata. Any foreign king/queen cannot rule Bharatian people directly/indirectly. If any foreign king tries to control/influence Bharatian people by bypassing the democratic values of our nation, he will be guilty of trying to divide a particular community from within the well established nation - Bharata.

              How nice it would be if we have our heads of Catholics! No, i'm not saying 'a Bharatian priest should become pope'. I wish, being Catholics/Christians, we live independent of any foreign intervensions.

              We should have faith in our priests and nuns. We should accept and support them as our own family members, so that they get strength to preach good things to our children in our own Bharatian way. Our priests/nuns have already shown to the world that they can lead us (a huge diverse society) towards good life by their restless continuous hard works. We should be able to differenciate between foreign control v/s national (our own) freedom. As a society, we have given the world some of the best priests/nuns like RFC Mascarenhas, St. Alphonsa and many more. With so much great achievements, we can achieve our next step.

Next step towards independence from foreign control.

Let us have a committee of Bharatian Christian priests (not a single priest dominating like a king) which would lead us in good way. This committee can guide us to lead a good life as Christians. Whatever we donate for charity works, should be managed by our own priests/nuns within our territory. In times of difficulties, this committee would ensure we (Christians of Bharata) stay united and resolve our problems without intervension of foreign profit-makers.
              It should not be like "some foreign country tells our national government about what to do and what not to do", which becomes like "being Christians, we insult ourselves and own nation at international level'.

              If a foreign committee (Vatican) can lead us (in a selfish way), why not our own committee (of priests and nuns) lead us towards good life?

Let us stand united for independence!
Let us live free!
Let us enjoy the freedom our nation has got long back from foreign control!